Optimism, pragmatism, pessimism, fuck.

Solipsism, nihilism, moralism, suck.

A dick, a clit,

You nitwit,


Don’t you know?

Of course you don’t.

Is it so?


The glass half something.

I wasn’t there.

Didn’t pour it.

Didn’t deal it.

I don’t care.

I can’t store it.

Might complete it.

But I can’t be sure.

I’d ignore it.

Call yer bullshit.

But I like an open door.

Or a window as they say,

I’ll take egress either way.

Need an exit to be sure.

There is no other way.

Blah, blah, blah.

And so it goes.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

And it flows.

Or so it did

I must assume

’cause there it is.

Half milk, half room.

An enigma wrapped in hope.

There a riddle.

Pass the dope.

I’ve had enough of this today.

Can I get high and fade away?


About dialectetus

You can't look twice at the same profile... eh it works for streams. Do the same electrons remain trapped in the same place in the same server until I change this profile? I would think not, but I'm no physicist. If so, I feel bad for those little particle men. Words are spells. One spells words. At least, that's what they tell me...
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