So I love vaginas and I double love their owners….

So Pussy is out.

And I love “the gays” and all their genius ways…

So Faggot is out.

But I still need a word. We all need a word…

All us asshole, angry, confused, and condescending white males atleast…

We need a word.

We can limit what we denigrate.

We can slim fit ’til we integrate.

But fuck if we don’t need:

Some function for some screed,

Some syllables that heed

A “this ain’t us,” creed.

So gimme a fucking word

To replace “you fucking girl.

‘Cause I know that shit is wrong,

And the truth’s a saner song.

But I need another bird,

Another word to hurt him first.

‘Cause though I may have heard,

I can’t help but to thirst

For a way to subjugate

Everyone who isn’t me…


About dialectetus

You can't look twice at the same profile... eh it works for streams. Do the same electrons remain trapped in the same place in the same server until I change this profile? I would think not, but I'm no physicist. If so, I feel bad for those little particle men. Words are spells. One spells words. At least, that's what they tell me...
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