HIMN of Professor Finnigan

If normal is a null set
Can’t but vary from the mean
Only a fool believes
He can step twice in the same stream
In every golden apple
There resides a golden worm
With hooks set good and deep in
For a while the worm won’t turn
Average represents ever shifting sands
Whole is only found in constant changing plans
No permanence
A recipe from memory
No instructions
No formality
No illusion of reality
Cause cannot affect
Except as it was too
The average Canadian
Has less than one instead of two


About dialectetus

You can't look twice at the same profile... eh it works for streams. Do the same electrons remain trapped in the same place in the same server until I change this profile? I would think not, but I'm no physicist. If so, I feel bad for those little particle men. Words are spells. One spells words. At least, that's what they tell me...
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